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Not a Moment Too Soon!

This morning, while looking for something in my bedroom a pile of stuff that should not be in a pile but hey, that’s my life, I found the lined leather mittens I’ve been looking for all winter. So that is certainly handy on the first day of spring. It’s about as appropriate as finding your lost bathing suit in October.

So let’s see a show of hands; do I leave the mittens in the pile, because now I know where they are, or do I take a chance and move them into the big bag of hats and mittens that will soon have to be washed and put away? It could be risky, either way.


Trash Truck Ballet

My desk at home is next to a window, which if you know me, is practically a need, not a want. I love looking out the window. This morning I was rewarded with a trash truck ballet, in which two different trash trucks slid and skidded and basically had no control. Ya, it’s slippery on my street. No sanding again, which is nice. Eventually the truck that slid past the end of my street was able to get itself turned around before the other one almost took out a small snow bank. Eventually they just parked the two trucks and all stood in the street talking, probably asking themselves if it was really worth it to come in to work this morning.

Photo evidence of the two trucks out my window.


Our Lady of Chlorine

Our Lady of Chlorine, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

I had to stop by and see my friend Peg today, and we made arrangements to meet up at Hampton Beach. I of course took at least a couple of photos. This is one that I like just because I’m sort of stunned by how close the Church is to the water slides. As in practically touching. Maybe parents bribe their kids to go to Mass in the summer?

Feel free to check out the whole set on Flickr.


Longing for the Warmth of January

You know, usually this time of year, we bitch and moan and crab about how sick we are of winter, and how we wish it was April or May already. Me, I’m fondly remembering the warm, lush days of January. Whoda thunk it. Well me. I remember thunking to myself “Boy, we’re going to be really sorry when all this ends and we get real winter temperatures.”

My nasal passages are so angry with me, we aren’t on speaking terms. I need to swing by the Hallmark Store to buy them a card.

“When you’re blue
And you don’t know
Where to go to
Why don’t you go where saline sits
I’ll give you a spritz.”

I hope it doesn’t have a picture of a flower on the front. My sinuses really hate flowers.


I Vote We Keep Winter Like This

It was chilly this morning. What nerve, the January weather has, to be cold. Now Saturday’s weather, that was a perfect January day, don’t you think? I am going to stick my neck out and suggest that we keep all of our winter weather in the fifty to seventy degree range from this point forward. I think that it will help with our home heating bills, and it will help with our not wanting to scrape ice of the windshield, or drive in the snow. I’m not going to lie to you, this is the best January ever. And each day that there is no snow and ice I know I am that much closer to spring, and that brings me great joy.

I, of course, will take credit (or the blame, if you insist on harshing my mellow) for the lack of snow on the ground, because for Christmas we bought my step-son a full snowboard package (kit? setup?) of the board, the bindings and the boots. Not cheap to do that, so OF COURSE he hasn’t been able to use them at all this year. Not once. This makes him sad, so I try not to do a happy dance of joy about 70 degree days when he’s around.

What was also nice about Saturday is that is was Junior’s actual birthday, and he picked out the bike he wanted that was his Christmas/birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa…and he actually got to go outside and enjoy it. I too, am a January baby (gift list is over on the right – I included all the expensive stuff because I knew you would want me to) and I remember the year I got a bike for my birthday – it was purple and it had a banana seat with flowers on it and streamers hanging from the handlebars…and I couldn’t do a thing with it until after the spring thaw. That was just torture! So I’m glad he got to ride it this weekend. I’m sure my parents feel that it makes it worth spending the money, actually.



Oh man, it’s time to cut out snowflakes again. I need to make sure my step-son reads this, as he was obsessed last year. This site, which looks very similar to the one we used to use, will make him happy because you can actually cut in the middle of the paper, not just from the edges (which, to be fair, is a limit you have when you are making them with real paper, for the most part.)

You can also search for flakes done by people with the same name as you, or people from your town. I’m not the first person from Leominster to play with this!

Need a Snow Day?