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Photos of Me: Thoughts

I was writing a comment on a FB post about how that person reacts to someone wanting to take their photo, and I thought it would be easier to write it out here and then I could just share the link. Because we all need to hear this, and internalize it.

I used to take all the photos in our family, because I owned the cameras but also because I hated how I looked. Then I realized that if something were to happen to me, my [then] toddler son wouldn’t have photos of me.

I also realized that however I look in photos is how I look to other people when they look at me. Avoiding photos doesn’t make me thinner or prettier than I actually am.

Lastly, nobody is staring at my photo longer than I am. They give it a second, decide if they are going to like it or not, and keep scrolling. You know, like I do with everyone else’s photos. I am not looking at your [fill in trouble area] I am looking at your smile and being thankful I got to “see” my friend today.

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Where Did I Store The Past?

I’m busy over here trying to find some things I wrote/posted 20 or so years ago, and I can’t believe how hard it is to find all the old original content. Also, why are all the photos such LOW RESOLUTION? What was I thinking?

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Happy Halloweenies

It’s the official hotdog holiday! What toppings do you like on your Halloweenies?

We had a family cookie decorating contest today. I didn’t win (Tom did) but I’m going to share a picture of my cookie because I think it was better.

My pumpkin cookie is infested with bats and a kid trick or treating

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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

I’ve decided to finally wade into the whole “is die hard to Christmas movie” thing. I had never seen the entire movie, so friends and family arranged for a viewing party. I can now have an opinion on this topic.

Before getting to my hot take, let me state I understand these things can be subjective. Your experiences shape your perception, and a huge number of people consider it a “Christmas movie” based on those experiences. To me, the key is differentiating between a “Christmas movie” and a “Christmas tradition.”

A Christmas movie should be about Christmas. The primary plot or plot-drivers are Christmas-based, whether it’s about the traditional nativity story, Santa, celebrating the holiday(s) or the more difficult to pin down “Spirit of Christmas”.

Leonard Maltin said cannot just be set at Christmas, it has to be about the Spirit of Christmas. Others say they should be movies the whole family can watch together, which clearly this one isn’t, but we’ll leave that aside for this discussion.

Die Hard is a movie set on Christmas Eve, with all the holiday decor and music. There is a big holiday office party (which would never ever ever happen on Christmas Eve but that’s for another essay) but it’s not about Christmas. They could have set it in June and you would only need to change the reason for the office party and why John was traveling to CA. There are all kinds of Christmas visuals and references, such as the name Hans Gruber being painfully close to the name of Silent Night composer Franz Gruber. They are great, but don’t make the move about Christmas. It’s about robbery, violent killings and the need to NEVER TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!

Now, everything I just said does not negate the fact that the movie is a beloved Christmas tradition for tens of thousands of Americans. And those folks insist it is a Christmas movie. However, just because something is one of your holiday traditions doesn’t make it a Christmas movie. Countless Americans watched The Sound of Music with their families every December, thanks to the network that owned the rights. Plenty of folks still consider it a Christmas movie because of that, but obviously it’s not.

I watch Little Women every Christmas season. Because of that I think of it as a Christmas movie, but really it’s not. While a few scenes are set at Christmas, the primary plot isn’t Christmas-specific.

When we were young, my sister considered Neil Diamond’s 12 Greatest Hits a Christmas record because we would pull it out and listen to it in December. That timing imprinted on her, and one time she referred to it as a Christmas album. Clearly it’s not, but decades later we refer to it as a Christmas album to tease her. (She’ll be pleased I included this anecdote, but it’s important to illustrate my point.) While you can call anything a Christmas [thing] if that’s how you think of it, it doesn’t make it objectively true.

In conclusion, Die Hard is a Christmas tradition, but it isn’t a Christmas Movie. If it’s yours, by all means seek it out and watch it every December. Keep (or make) your holiday traditions as best you can, and watch anything that makes you happy, whenever and wherever you’d like.

Yippee-ki-yay to all, and to all a good night!

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Worst Beverage Ever

There’s a recipe going around the Internet for what everyone things is a disgusting drink. You read it and your head kind of explodes a little.

So we have to make it, right? Only three ingredients!

2 Cans condensed beef broth

1 cup ginger ale

2T lemon juice

It looks like a practical joke, no? We decided to halve the recipe and I made Tom and our friend Tim try it before dinner so we could “get it out of the way.”

It was, in a word, awful. Undrinkable the way the ocean is undrinkable. that “beef” flavor is very chemical-y and the salt – holy shit so much salt.