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Weekend Accomplishments

I think I did okay for myself. I didn’t discover a cure for cuticles, but I did wash the kitchen floor and buy a new floor mop for the wood floors. I also made a really awesome chicken dish, signed up for a new stock photo website and uploaded 10 photos to see if I have what they’re looking for. I shopped for things online and didn’t buy all of them, because some of the things I don’t need yet.  I made a really awesome chicken dish for lunch – the kind of thing that a real cook might make. I didn’t even take a full-blown nap this weekend, even though I REALLY WANTED TO.

Oh, and I updated my website, which actually took many many hours of my weekend. Taa-daa. I was going to reward myself with a glass of wine but it’s too late and I’m tired and some joker made arrangements for tomorrow to be Monday. Last week for my group to work out of the Marlboro office before moving to the Smithfield RI office. I think it’s going to be REALLY weird in there this week, what with all the packing, etc.  I think I’m going to bring in lots of canned goods and make them move them all down to RI. Just because.

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To-Do Volume Two

I know a lot of you who follow me on Twitter or FB know that last Saturday’s to-do list was a bust. Very hard to accomplish anything at all. The Gods were against me, I tell you.

So do I need to decide: do I work from a to-do list this weekend or not? And if so, is it okay to fill it with things like

  • drink a margarita
  • put a new color on my toes
  • Buy a little something for myself
  • play some Sims 3

Or do I have to add a line item about cleaning all the crap off the ironing board and fold it up for the first time in 2 years?

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Wonder Woman Lives Here

And she doesn’t even have a cape! Wait, does Wonder Woman wear a cape? (“No capes, dahling“)

I entered the danger zone this morning. Lowes. Oh man oh man, it’s so unfair that they have so much stuff that I need. Er, want. I went to get some Scott’s Step 2 for the lawn. I missed Step 1 for the 10th year in a row. Of course, that’s the stuff that I really need. If I kill all the crabgrass, though, the only thing left would be the dandelions, and Step 2 is supposed to kill those. I’d be living on a dirt farm.

Yesterday The Boy, my wonderful awesome child, mowed the front lawn for the first time. I love 11! 11 rules! I get someone to mow my lawn for me for the next 7 or so years! Woot! We only put the Step 2 on the front because the dog has the run of the back yard so we don’t treat it with anything. Other than dog waste, that is.

I mowed half of the back yard and The Boy finished it. I also bought a stand for the tabletop grill I got a couple of weeks ago. I’d say I put it together but it was more work to get the packing tape off the box.

Now I’m going to start some tomato seeds in a little “greenhouse” starter kit I bought. I may be starting it all too late, but hey, better late than never. Usually it’s never. I’m going to sit and watch them until the tomatoes are done. I’ll see you in a couple of months.

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God Wants Me to Sleep In

Saturday night we briefly lost power due to the high winds and other assorted lightening-y activity. It came back within 2 minutes or so, and everything was dandy. Except in the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom, and noted that the clock said it was somewhere in the 1:15am range. But when I looked at my watch in the bathroom (yes, I often wear my watch to bed. You never know when you might want to check the time without rolling over to look at the alarm clock) it said it was after 2am. Huh. That’s odd.
When we finally woke up Sunday morning, my watch said it was 8am. But the alarm clock said it was 4am.
I reset it and it eventually lost 5 hours over the course of Sunday. I was thinking it might be fun to play alarm clock roulette in the morning, but I decided to go to Target to replace it. Got one that will charge and play my iPod, which means I can wake up to music I actually like!
Still, I don’t get how a digital alarm clock, plugged into an outlet, can just lose time like that. It wasn’t running on batteries, it was plugged in. I’m sure there’s some really science-y explanation, but to me, if a cheapo digital alarm clock breaks, it’s something like the alarm stops working, or the display goes wonky. Losing time? I have a wall clock my friend Kim gave me as a shower present 15+ years ago and that one barely loses time when the battery goes low.
I hope God wasn’t trying to send me a message to sleep in this morning because the new alarm clock worked very very well.

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The Rental ‘Stang

The Rental ‘Stang, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Earlier this summer we promised Junior we would rent a convertible and just drive it around for the day, thus getting that need to feel the wind in our hair and bugs in our teeth right out of our systems.

So Sunday we went up to the Manchester Airport and rented this Mustang for the day – total price approx. $125. (If you decide to do this near you, the new rules say you have to either have return flight information or a utility bill in order to use a debit card. Just FYI.)

We took the car over to Maine for the day – it was a big chilly at first, especially driving on the highway, but by the time we got to Kittery it really started warming up. And because we have a new TomTom navigation system, we decided to just drive on any road that looked interesting, knowing that we’d be able to plug in Jane (we call our TomTom the same thing my brother-in-law calls his – Jane is the voice they use) and she’d get us home no matter how “lost” we were. It really makes road trips MUCH more interesting. In fact, we took a road we’d never been on (route 103) and stumbled upon Fort McClary, a fantastic, fabulous find. See my flickr photostream for some cool shots taken at the Fort.