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Trash Truck Ballet

My desk at home is next to a window, which if you know me, is practically a need, not a want. I love looking out the window. This morning I was rewarded with a trash truck ballet, in which two different trash trucks slid and skidded and basically had no control. Ya, it’s slippery on my street. No sanding again, which is nice. Eventually the truck that slid past the end of my street was able to get itself turned around before the other one almost took out a small snow bank. Eventually they just parked the two trucks and all stood in the street talking, probably asking themselves if it was really worth it to come in to work this morning.

Photo evidence of the two trucks out my window.


7 thoughts on “Trash Truck Ballet

  1. Not to be cruel but I’m glad mine wasn’t the ONLY street that was one giant ice skating rink. I almost peed my pants trying to get to the end of our street and onto West Street, hoping no cars were coming when I got there in case I couldn’t stop.

  2. When I saw the trouble these giant, heavy trucks were having, I new my van would be road pizza, so I waited an extra hour to leave. Why aren’t they sanding the side streets? Those are the ones the school busses have to go down!

  3. Well I was brave and took my daughter to LHS. I sanded and salted the driveway and it looked like they did something at night to the road. Well backed out of the driveway and did a nice 360 into neighbor’s lawn. Didnt hit anything. Lucky w/my 4wd I crawled up the road with two tires into the snowbank. By noon there was 4 smashed cars on one side of the hill and 3 cars on the other with a Leom Police cruiser flashing lights stopping people from going on my block. I can’t believe they didnt sand either and they had school as well which was a joke with almost none of the streets done. Jerry

  4. I stayed home yesterday and worked from there. Our street (a hill) was impassable. We heard people fishtailing up it all morning until the sander came. And considering my condition, I decided not to chance it. M called the DPW, and they were working on the cross-street. He waited until they sanded to leave, but he still skidded into the street. I’d rather have snow than ice.

  5. BTW – I got an email tonight and found out that a good part of ‘ol Leominster has been google street viewed.. I found my house there and full screen you can see the cat in the window. I saw the car around town with 4 cameras on it back a while ago. Seems was taken this summer. If you look up an adr, if it’s in blue on the map, then there is a street view.

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