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Not a Moment Too Soon!

This morning, while looking for something in my bedroom a pile of stuff that should not be in a pile but hey, that’s my life, I found the lined leather mittens I’ve been looking for all winter. So that is certainly handy on the first day of spring. It’s about as appropriate as finding your lost bathing suit in October.

So let’s see a show of hands; do I leave the mittens in the pile, because now I know where they are, or do I take a chance and move them into the big bag of hats and mittens that will soon have to be washed and put away? It could be risky, either way.


6 thoughts on “Not a Moment Too Soon!

  1. I agree with Bill. Best part of our household is that we have teenagers so they know most of the hiding places for presents. So we have to do a better job every year hiding stuff. Well us ‘ol farts don’t have that good a memory anymore, so it’s nice to find Christmas presents in July burried in the house… Jerry

  2. I think it’s unanimous…I’ll keep the mittens out for today and then put them all away together.

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