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Playing with the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone. I kind of lost the energy to take and process photos, but I’m trying to be better. To get myself “excited” about the process I bought the app and will try to take enough photos that I find some to upload to the flickr feed on a more regular basis. I will say the idea of no processing (outside of what the app does) is appealing to my lazy self. Plus the instant gratification of uploading to flickr right from the iPhone if I get something I like.

This is the new background on my phone.
Gerani-omes (Hipstamatic)

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Jobu Loves Baseball – and So Do I

Man oh Man, I love Leominster during baseball season! Kicking ass and taking names we have the following status on Tournament Titles:

Jimmy Fund Massachusetts Division 3 Tournament Winners
North Leominster 12s
North Leominster 11s (Willie Sinclair Tournament)
North Leominster 10s
[The North Leominster 9s did a great job as well – barely missing the top in their championship game to Pepperell.]

Stacey Bradley Tournament Winner
North Leominster 8s

Babe Ruth All-Star Tournaments
Leominster 14s – Western MA Champions
Leominster 13s – play Wednesday for the New England Championship and a spot in the Babe Ruth World Series

Basically North Leominster owned these tournaments, and I’m very proud of each and every kid who played this summer, and of the ones who didn’t make the teams but cheered on their friends and teammates just the same. You kids rule.

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AOL’s Horrible Move – and the Loss of Leominster’s Best Genealogy Site

I have never liked AOL. I was a CompuServe person back in the day, so that’s me admitting my bias. However, they just screwed with everyone who was hosting a website on AOL but just shutting the damned service down on October 31st without any notice, or any way for the users to grab their files. This is the problem with creating a website and hosting it on a service where you don’t have control over the files in any way shape or form. (Disclosure: I use Blogger software for this website, but I host it on my own server space, and I have full access/ownership of all the files.)

There was a site hosted on AOL’s service (I think they called it “Hometown”) that was an unbelievable resource to Leominster, Leominster residents, descendants of Leominster residents, and anyone interested in genealogy. The site was Sue Gardner’s Genealogy Garden. Sue documented Leominster’s history, the people who lived here, and details about those families for years on that site. It was an invaluable resource. Sadly, Sue died several years ago, but the site was still alive, and people used it for researching their families, keeping Sue’s work and spirit alive. And now, AOL just shut the whole thing off, and there appears to be no way to get that work salvaged to be stored elsewhere. If I had known, I would have offered to help Sue’s family pull the content and I would have been happy to host it here on the Big DumpTruck. In fact, if they have a backup, or a way to access it, and they need a new home for it, I would be happy to not only host it here, but to pay for a domain name to point to it.

I don’t know who in her family would have the stuff, or if anyone ever goes out on the web looking up Leominster genealogy, but I will put the offer out there, as I’m personally very sad that all the information about my own family is now lost because AOL is run by a bunch of snot-nosed buttheads.