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Category: poetry

Taking Root

The heart knows what it wants but has no control and for every day the knock it desires does not arrive you fight the urge to pound your fist on an empty chair; pointless frustration There is no bouquet of happiness or framed photos of perfection that can capture events you conjure in your mind. […]


Planting a Flag

The hardest part may be Reclaiming the places and spaces once shared by two; favorite haunts, now haunted. You can ignore, retreat, recoil Avoid the heartache of a thousand happy memories Or face them Own them Plant your flag in the soft sand of towns with ocean views Even as you wipe away tears and […]



Frozen fields unfettered blowing ice breath short wandering, pondering The day stretches long and lean Possibilities peak out between gnarled tree branches and frosted grass lonely birds fly with weak songs their promises of warmer days. For now, the sun is wanting and the journey long Swirls of smoke from a chimney and my breath […]


Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage I knew a man Once. Forever ago He seemed to be what he was not Denied his truth, at least to me I know now Killing time – late night prayers tears wishes and whispers When I would not could not hear. To reclaim his old life The Pinnacle I, collateral damage. “Good […]



No one gives a second look to the broken-hearted Our pain cloaks us with darkness and shadow, We are invisible To throw aside the darkness we must step forward and risk new pain We must let go, must trust the most fragile parts of our souls with people who don’t know¬†the risk we’re taking But […]



Happy chatter strangers I smile, pretend I feel a part of things though I do not Your effort to draw me in fails and I’m more aware of our differences I long to remove myself from the awkwardness but circumstances hold me hostage Just another 20 minutes Just another 10 Three hours of pacing before […]