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No one gives a second look
to the broken-hearted
Our pain cloaks us with darkness
and shadow,
We are invisible

To throw aside the darkness
we must step forward
and risk new pain
We must let go, must trust
the most fragile parts of our souls
with people who don’t know¬†the risk we’re taking

But when you find someone
who sees this as a priceless gift
and gives their heart in return
A joyful warmth fills all the empty spaces
and you cease to be alone

We are not strangers
Hoping to find a space to put our hearts
There was a place in you
that was waiting for me
all along

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Happy chatter
I smile, pretend
I feel a part of things
though I do not
Your effort to draw me in
and I’m more aware of our differences
I long to remove myself
from the awkwardness
but circumstances hold me hostage
Just another 20 minutes
Just another 10
Three hours of pacing before I can flee
free to return to the familiar
the safe places
where I don’t have to