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Month: June, 2008

Request for Journalists

We get it. Every day, gas his a new high, be it in barrels or at the gas station down the street. It’s no longer news, it’s more a persistent buzzing in our ears.

Howzabout this: You report when it hits a new LOW instead. That will be something we all want to hear.


Better Than the Journal of the Mundane?

The post below with the photo of Kitt? It was reposted today on a website with the best domain name I’ve seen in months. Maybe even centuries.

If any site on the planet is going to link to me, I want it to be a site dedicated to all things Hasselhoff. (You guys know me – you know there is no sarcasm in that statement.) I just need to figure out how to parlay this into even more fame and fortune.

Oh, and for the record, when we saw the car, and we tried to explain what it was and where it was from, we had to use the Spongebob Squarepants movie as a way of explaining who the “Michael” was that the car was talking about. Junior immediately started talking about Hoff’s chest hair. (If you haven’t seen the S.S. movie – his talking about Hoff’s chest hair is not as disturbing as it would be otherwise.)


I Am Totally Stealing This

I was just reading Surviving Grady, and Red was talking about Youk’s shiner. He said this happened because of a “warm-up toss from Scenic Lowell that got away”.

Scenic Lowell. I am so stealing that. I will have to use that the next time Mike Lowell and I are in Johnny Rockets cleaning up gumballs.


Homemade Kitt

Kitt, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Is there anything more one needs to say about a hand-made version of Kitt? The lights were on in front and it was talking to us. It sounded like William Daniels, but I don’t know if it was. I think it would be funny to load it up with stuff Daniels said on a show other than Knight Rider, like St. Elsewhere and Saved by the Bell…

The Spinners game was great – a very close game that almost went into extra innings but for a lovely sacrifice fly that meant we got to go home before the clouds that threatened us all evening finally broke open. It literally did not start to rain until we got in the car, which made the whole endeavor a complete success.


Minimal? Well That’s Good News

I was on the Accuweather website just now, looking to see if rain is expected to mar Junior’s 2nd playoff baseball game tonight. I happened to scroll down past the important (to me) information and spotted the following table. What struck me as amusing is that they just aren’t completely ruling out any of the things in the far right column. It’s the first day of summer. And you aren’t willing to say there is no chance of heavy snow? That there is minimal chance just because that way if the temperature drops fifty degrees you’ll be covered? Good to know.

weather odds chart showing minimal chance of heavy snow


Well, THAT is Disappointing

I got really excited yesterday when my iTunes music alert told me that Jason Falkner had released a new CD. I love Jason Falkner and his old band Jellyfish. I went running to iTunes to check it out, and its….instrumental versions of Beatles songs.

If I want to listen to Beatles songs, I will listen to the originals. Or the 1970s Sgt. Pepper movie soundtrack, cause I’m one of two people in the universe who liked that movie.

To give Jason some credit, the sample of Norwegian Wood had so much of a Pink Floyd vibe that I’ll have to check to see if David Gilmour was somehow involved. However, the next track I sampled, Something, sounded like bad department store Muzak. For those of you locals who have been local for a while, it would have fit perfectly on the speakers at Capital Toy/Capital Warehouse. I know my sister will understand that one…there was just a certain style to the songs they played there, they featured a lot of electric guitar in that old country music style (that I cannot accurately describe but I know it when I hear it.)

I just don’t know if I’ll be buying it. If it’s new age-y and Pink Floyd-y enough, I might. But that second track is killing it for me right now. C’mon Jason. I want more “Feeling No Pain”. That was only 4 years ago, dude!


Two Truths and a Lie

It’s everybody’s favorite way to spend Thursday afternoon…two truths and a lie! In no particular order:

  • I have an endless loop video of the gerbils running on a photo frame in my cubicle.
  • I used the last square of toilet paper this morning
  • I was given a pyramid paperweight at work yesterday.

Additionally, the following is true: I just took my shoes off because I was wearing kicky little sandals that effectively destroyed the side of my pinky toe. I brought some Keds with me in a bag and I put them on, even though I’m not supposed to wear sneakers at work. I have decided that no matter what happens, I’m not going to leave my cube for the rest of the day so that it won’t be an issue.


Corporate America 1, Jody 0

I lost another battle that I didn’t know I was in. You know the tune – Jody likes something, and the company that produces it decides to pull it from the market. We’ve talked about it here before, how food staples like Raspberry Kool-Aid and Primavera flavor Chicken Tonight simmer sauce left a hole in my heart that nothing can replace.

Last night we learned that Chili’s is not going to have the Caribbean Chicken Salad on the menu any more. Nor will they have Junior’s favorite dish, the basil pasta (which wasn’t on the menu under that name but you could order it as a vegetarian entree). The reason? They are cutting out menu items that require them to have an ingredient for just that one dish. (I’m probably explaining this wrong). So the salad is gone because they won’t be carrying mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks or honey-lime dressing (used only for that dish), and they are doing away with mozzarella sticks which means they won’t need to carry the marinara sauce, which is needed for the basil pasta. Oh, and the onion (blossom, or whatever they call it) will be gone too.

I know they offer pasta on the kids menu, so I’m having a hard time picturing them removing one of the few kid’s items, but someone made a decision somewhere. But how hard is it to keep a can/jar of sauce on hand for the kids? Or for the vegetarians, for that matter. Not much else on the menu that doesn’t involve meat.


Bad Gum! Bad!

I bit the inside of my cheek waaaay in the back, like, next to the back molar. It hurts. Every time it heals enough so it doesn’t hurt (like, overnight) I eat something and re-bite it. Chewing gum is right out. That was the most painful bite.

I’m sorry, I just thought you’d like to know.


We’re Number 2!

Junior’s Little League team finished the regular season in 2nd place. They had a bye the first round, which is cool, so we didn’t have any games yesterday. This morning there was a [very very damp] practice, and their first playoff game will be Tuesday. Because of the strict pitching rules in Little League being twice as strict during playoff games, they let Junior practice pitching this morning on the off chance that they run out of the regular pitchers and have to start plucking people out of the lineup to finish the game. He’s thrilled, but I’m thinking that it would not be a good thing if he had to pitch, simply because he’s never done it before, and having the pressure of trying to pitch well in a playoff game…well, I’d just rather we not have to dip into that pool without more practice.

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Enjoy all the dad-activities you have planned, even if the plan is to not have any activities.