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Minimal? Well That’s Good News

I was on the Accuweather website just now, looking to see if rain is expected to mar Junior’s 2nd playoff baseball game tonight. I happened to scroll down past the important (to me) information and spotted the following table. What struck me as amusing is that they just aren’t completely ruling out any of the things in the far right column. It’s the first day of summer. And you aren’t willing to say there is no chance of heavy snow? That there is minimal chance just because that way if the temperature drops fifty degrees you’ll be covered? Good to know.

weather odds chart showing minimal chance of heavy snow


2 thoughts on “Minimal? Well That’s Good News

  1. The only weather prediction I use is to look at the radar and if the rain is moving towards here from less than a few miles away, then it’s going to rain. Otherwise they cannot tell… Jerry

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