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Request for Journalists

We get it. Every day, gas his a new high, be it in barrels or at the gas station down the street. It’s no longer news, it’s more a persistent buzzing in our ears.

Howzabout this: You report when it hits a new LOW instead. That will be something we all want to hear.


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  1. Amen, sister. I will say that we got the Hess credit card and get a percentage off of gas. Plus, the new Hess by my house is holding steady at $3.99.

  2. That Hess station would be perfect if you could take a left out of the back entrance. I understand why they made it that way, but it’s a pain in the arse if you actually need to go in that direction after you fill up. Plus that means most people enter and then need to circle around to leave. There isn’t enough room around the pumps. (There, that sounds sufficiently cranky!)

  3. The Hess on the north side is a horror show to get in and out of, too. I’ve seen almost-fights happen there over who’s next in line at the pump. As for anonymous: My husband and I call that stretch Arab Row. And indeed, it is the cheapest gas around.

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