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Homemade Kitt

Kitt, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Is there anything more one needs to say about a hand-made version of Kitt? The lights were on in front and it was talking to us. It sounded like William Daniels, but I don’t know if it was. I think it would be funny to load it up with stuff Daniels said on a show other than Knight Rider, like St. Elsewhere and Saved by the Bell…

The Spinners game was great – a very close game that almost went into extra innings but for a lovely sacrifice fly that meant we got to go home before the clouds that threatened us all evening finally broke open. It literally did not start to rain until we got in the car, which made the whole endeavor a complete success.


One thought on “Homemade Kitt

  1. Nice ballpark in Lowell. I’ve enjoyed a couple of games there. Is Canalligator still the mascot?

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