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Red Sox Win The World Series

I am moving some of my archived photos over to Flickr, if they are good enough to live there. This one, taken the day after the Sox won the World Series in 2004, is one of my favorite photos ever, combining my great love of Walt Disney World and the Red Sox.

We watched the game(s) from our hotel room at the Beach Club Resort. The day after the win, we went to the Magic Kingdom, because as they say in the commercials, “I’m going to Disney World!” My eyes COMPLETELY teared up when we saw the entire length of Main Street, both sides, lined with Red Sox balloons. I could not have been prouder at that moment.

Oh, so anyway, Flickr has this thing called “Explore” that everyone wants to get into because typically only the best photos are in Explore. This photo was added, then dropped, and added and dropped again this week. If you look at the little picture over on the right that links to my flickr photos, it currently says 1 photo in Explore. If it says 2, that’s a good thing. If you happen to have a moment, could you click on this photo to look at it in detail on the flickr site? You don’t have to comment on it if you don’t have a flickr account, but it would be really cool if I could get this one back into Explore.

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This Is Not a Good Way to Make a Living

Just got a note from Amazon that I didn’t make enough money from referrals to get a payment this month. I’ve gotten the same message for the past several months. The big problem with that is that the minimum threshold to get a payment is only ten dollars. Ten bucks! Wow, it appears nobody is using the old DumpTruck to drive to the Amazon mall. And nothing from the other clickable ads that are over there on the right that I’m not allowed to talk about for fear the company in question will send me to Six Flags to have my feet cut off. And I beg you, do NOT go over there and start clicking because the sudden upswing in traffic will probably set off some kind of alarm that I picture being akin to the ones in the cooling towers of a nuclear power plant. Don’t harsh my mojo by clicking or they will kick my butt out of the program. But say, in a week or two, if something comes up that looks interesting (and by interesting, I mean something that you really and truly are interested in learning more about or purchasing) by all means. That’s what it’s there for. I will throw in a few key words to make it interesting. Gumballs. Sandals. Beach weather. Inflatables. Home brewed Beer. (Wow, that would make for a heck of a party, eh?)

So maybe I should come up with some other methods of making money by doing nothing. Possible options include

  • Wearing only clothing that has the logo of your company on it.
  • Using self-tanner but blocking out the name of your company on one leg, your URL on the other. Subtle, yet sophisticated.
  • Using your company’s website as a template for the BDT so people will be confused and think they are on your site. I haven’t worked out all the kinks on this one so maybe you should just pay me to self tan.

Other ideas?

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

[This is a good test to see if my sister is paying attention.]

The other day we were at the new Best Buy in Leominster and I found a “bargain” video set that I bought to bring on our trip to the Cape with my sister’s family. The last time we went down, in 2005, I brought down two collections of movies – 13 hours of 1950s and 60s Monster movies and another set of 13 hours of Sci Fi movies from the same era. That’s some damned good entertainment. The boys became enamored of Gamera and some of the Sci Fi movies. One that comes to mind has the astronauts stepping outside of the spaceship with nothing to tether them to it, they just hover on the outside like they are standing on the ledge of a tall building.

This time I’m going to be bringing down 3 hours and 50 minutes of Classic Commercials. Oh ya, it’s going to be a hot time in the old Cape House in August!

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Wish You Were Here

Hi kids!

Just popping in with a quick one so you won’t think I’ve fallen off the roof or anything. Up to my armpits in stuff to do, and BDT has suffered greatly. Let me just share with you then, that in the past couple of days I have gone to Canobie Lake Park, a baseball jamboree for a league we aren’t in, our final playoff game, a Lowell Spinners game, in addition to doing laundry, mowing the lawn and grocery shopping.

I assume eventually we’ll get into the “lazy” days of summer, but so far, no go.

Junior started camp today, so we have that routine to get used to. He’s already left something behind; I wish we had set up some kind of pool on how many days in it would take for him to not bring all his stuff home. We also could have set a value as a tie-breaker. The item left behind, his water bottle that you put in the freezer overnight, was worth about $4. So, because I didn’t have a pool set up, I can official say I won!! My prize? Finding something else to freeze to send with him tomorrow because it’s going to be 95 flippin‘ degrees.

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My Friend is a Prize-Winning Animator

My friend Andrea entered a contest to make a video for the Jonathan Coulton song “I Feel Fantastic” over at the PopSci (Popular Science) blog. She is not an animator, and I actually helped her out a smidge by forwarding a list of Mac animation software links. This is my only claim to fame related to her endevor.

She won the contest, and her fabulously fantastic video is available on YouTube.