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Red Sox Win The World Series

I am moving some of my archived photos over to Flickr, if they are good enough to live there. This one, taken the day after the Sox won the World Series in 2004, is one of my favorite photos ever, combining my great love of Walt Disney World and the Red Sox.

We watched the game(s) from our hotel room at the Beach Club Resort. The day after the win, we went to the Magic Kingdom, because as they say in the commercials, “I’m going to Disney World!” My eyes COMPLETELY teared up when we saw the entire length of Main Street, both sides, lined with Red Sox balloons. I could not have been prouder at that moment.

Oh, so anyway, Flickr has this thing called “Explore” that everyone wants to get into because typically only the best photos are in Explore. This photo was added, then dropped, and added and dropped again this week. If you look at the little picture over on the right that links to my flickr photos, it currently says 1 photo in Explore. If it says 2, that’s a good thing. If you happen to have a moment, could you click on this photo to look at it in detail on the flickr site? You don’t have to comment on it if you don’t have a flickr account, but it would be really cool if I could get this one back into Explore.


7 thoughts on “Red Sox Win The World Series

  1. Jody, this photo is AWESOME!! It also shows we had another WDW close encounter. I was at the Boardwalk during the playoffs the year the Sox won the World Series. We were there when they beat the Yankees. It was sooo great. Everywhere we went people were talking about the Sox and we got score updates from valet guys, ride operators, etc. If we walked down the Boardwalk in the evening you could tell when the Sox scored from the cheers erupting from all the bars and restaurants. Good times.

    Thanks for the memories. It would have been great to be there for the championship, but it was pretty great being there when they beat the Yanks. I will always be able to remember that series even better since we were at Disney through it. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    Oh, and I went to flickr and am sending links to my Mum and husband too. Great photo!

  2. One more thing… I was at your flickr page and looking around and we (me and the boys) enjoyed the Canobie Lake photos. That popcorn box was really cool.

    We were laughing at the do not run sign and one son said he didn’t see it. Of course he was the one who walked into a glass wall in the maze building… LOL

  3. Nice pic — tough for me to say that given I’d from “Da Bronx”… went to high school couple of blocks from Yankee Stadium. However I am not much of a fan anymore. My brother worked their as a cop for many years and things he saw, let’s say I lost allot respect for them. Last game I went to Mantle was playing out his last year.. ouch… last football game I went to OJ was still playing.. double ouch.. guess I better get with it.. Hope everyone enjoys the 4th..

    Did you get a picture of the Red Sox NASCAR car at Loudon this weekend ?

  4. Seriously, this is now one of my favorite pictures – what will it take to get a copy? For a wedding present. Really pretty please. I am begging in public here. Happy to barter cards, cheese cake, ….

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