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This Is Not a Good Way to Make a Living

Just got a note from Amazon that I didn’t make enough money from referrals to get a payment this month. I’ve gotten the same message for the past several months. The big problem with that is that the minimum threshold to get a payment is only ten dollars. Ten bucks! Wow, it appears nobody is using the old DumpTruck to drive to the Amazon mall. And nothing from the other clickable ads that are over there on the right that I’m not allowed to talk about for fear the company in question will send me to Six Flags to have my feet cut off. And I beg you, do NOT go over there and start clicking because the sudden upswing in traffic will probably set off some kind of alarm that I picture being akin to the ones in the cooling towers of a nuclear power plant. Don’t harsh my mojo by clicking or they will kick my butt out of the program. But say, in a week or two, if something comes up that looks interesting (and by interesting, I mean something that you really and truly are interested in learning more about or purchasing) by all means. That’s what it’s there for. I will throw in a few key words to make it interesting. Gumballs. Sandals. Beach weather. Inflatables. Home brewed Beer. (Wow, that would make for a heck of a party, eh?)

So maybe I should come up with some other methods of making money by doing nothing. Possible options include

  • Wearing only clothing that has the logo of your company on it.
  • Using self-tanner but blocking out the name of your company on one leg, your URL on the other. Subtle, yet sophisticated.
  • Using your company’s website as a template for the BDT so people will be confused and think they are on your site. I haven’t worked out all the kinks on this one so maybe you should just pay me to self tan.

Other ideas?


5 thoughts on “This Is Not a Good Way to Make a Living

  1. I get that email every month. But then again, I never use my Amazon referral account. It really is the easiest way to make money doin’ nothing. I got no other ideas.

  2. Tough to make a buck today. I got my wife’s web site on top google, yahoo etc.. pages and she gets hits every day. No one wants to spend a dime.. I am out of ideas too. Then wife looked at doing some food related things, well there’s only about 300 pages of regs in Mass…argh.. Don’t try to start a company in Mass.

    We are chuck full of donut shops, restaurants, pretty soon gas stations (Hess on Litchfield coming), Walmarts (2 w/i 2 miles of each other), hot dog stands (another one going in at the Gulf on Nelson St), drug stores, hair salons, auto repair and used car lots. Only thing I could think of is a nice seafood restaurant.. south of Rt 2.. Red Lobster ? Game ?

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one struggling to get that magic ’10’. At least they keep it safely to one side for us (imagine all of those envelopes with rattly coins inside)

    I was excommunicated for fraudulant clicking which hurts especially as I had hardly any real clicks anyway. I just presume a joker somewhere spent their evenings clicking on my adds.

    someone clicked on a button on my site and bought a patchwork quilt once – a very long time ago; I got $5

  4. You were booted?! Wow, that’s pretty harsh. Of course, if you’re not really making money anyway, it’s probably not a huge loss for them to drop you. I should check to see how I’m doing over there, but geez, it’s hard to feel like they’re not watching your every move, especially if you’re using blogger.

    Jerry (I assume that’s Jerry) I am SO READY for a Red Lobster! (Where is the Hess going on Litchfield?)

  5. Hess will be across from Sunoco.. funny how all the same type stores like to build next to each other..

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