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Wish You Were Here

Hi kids!

Just popping in with a quick one so you won’t think I’ve fallen off the roof or anything. Up to my armpits in stuff to do, and BDT has suffered greatly. Let me just share with you then, that in the past couple of days I have gone to Canobie Lake Park, a baseball jamboree for a league we aren’t in, our final playoff game, a Lowell Spinners game, in addition to doing laundry, mowing the lawn and grocery shopping.

I assume eventually we’ll get into the “lazy” days of summer, but so far, no go.

Junior started camp today, so we have that routine to get used to. He’s already left something behind; I wish we had set up some kind of pool on how many days in it would take for him to not bring all his stuff home. We also could have set a value as a tie-breaker. The item left behind, his water bottle that you put in the freezer overnight, was worth about $4. So, because I didn’t have a pool set up, I can official say I won!! My prize? Finding something else to freeze to send with him tomorrow because it’s going to be 95 flippin‘ degrees.


4 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here

  1. Sounds like fun. I have tickets to a Worcester baseball game in August, and I’m greatly looking forward to it. And Canobie Lake? Rocks.

  2. Hey! We were at Canobie Lake on Saturday evening. It was nice being there on a cooler day, usually the day we pick is 95 and humid. Ah, good times!

    Hey, think you guys will have any time for Toontown this summer? I am easing myself back into it after a break in the spring.

  3. We used to go to Canobie Lake for free when Digital had the family day with the free turkey. Kids are too old now. I have the same problem where weekends are so busy, I am more tired on Sunday night than Friday. Couple of times I just had to say no, I need a few hours off on a Sunday pm. Even last nite I was out painting a set of stairs at 10pm with lights etc.. Daughter now 16, so have to take her driving.. kills my nerves for the day.. BTW – my son biked from San Fram to Park Lake City UT so far.. had a couple of rough days (100+ heat, 120 mile ride, and a head wind). He did get dehydrated once. He is resting now at “Powder Woods”.. Still can’t believe he’s going this.. I am 60 lbs lighter than Xmas so far.. slowing down on the weight loss, maybe will sweat it out over the next few days.. CUL

  4. Hi guys! Canobie Rocks, I just love it there. It was FREEZING on Friday compared to when we’re usually there, plus we had the pleasure of having rain off and on. We were only there for about 4 hours, but that might have been enough on that particular day.

    Beth – Junior no longer has a Toontown account, although he could play on mine. Just this week I was thinking of cancelling it – too much money if I am not going to play.

    Jerry, are they out of the desert now? Ick on getting dehydrated – I’m guessing that’s pretty easy to do in those conditions.

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