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For Your Viewing Pleasure

[This is a good test to see if my sister is paying attention.]

The other day we were at the new Best Buy in Leominster and I found a “bargain” video set that I bought to bring on our trip to the Cape with my sister’s family. The last time we went down, in 2005, I brought down two collections of movies – 13 hours of 1950s and 60s Monster movies and another set of 13 hours of Sci Fi movies from the same era. That’s some damned good entertainment. The boys became enamored of Gamera and some of the Sci Fi movies. One that comes to mind has the astronauts stepping outside of the spaceship with nothing to tether them to it, they just hover on the outside like they are standing on the ledge of a tall building.

This time I’m going to be bringing down 3 hours and 50 minutes of Classic Commercials. Oh ya, it’s going to be a hot time in the old Cape House in August!


3 thoughts on “For Your Viewing Pleasure

  1. What time frame are these classic commercials ? I love the ones from the 50s with everything having a “space travel” theme.. big fins, cars that look like jet planes etc.. There are some on UTube.. I also enjoy old Nascar from the 60s, when the car were really “stock”, just stripped down and there was some speed difference between them (no 30 car packs). Today it’s all staged, identical cars, about same speed etc.. Found it tough to find old 50-60s racing DVDs at decent prices. Enjoy your vacation..

  2. I’m hoping they cover a wide range. I know they have to be at least 60s and 70s – the box showed cigarette ads and a Bounty ad from the 70s.

    I love all the movies and ads and tv shows that try to imagine what the future will be like. That stuff just really makes me laugh.

  3. Can you imagine having grown up in an environment where TV commecials started in the late 80-ies? 1990 that is. Really. And didn’t inlcude anything alcoholic, smoking or violent. Except mayby Anna Nicle Smith and OJ. Should I feel deprived? Is there a support group? Where to go, what to say?

    That said, one of the higlights of the 1996 Altlanta Olympics was a visit to the Coca Cola museum. Talking about GREAT commercials, from all over the world. Highly recommended. Those guys and gals have a certain sense of what plays where and when. Very impressive indeed.

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