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You Didn’t Stop Dancing, Did You?

It’s gross out. It’s the kind of day where you feel like knitting a scarf because you know you’re going to need it, possibly later in the day. It’s the kind of day where you start to think about things like hot cocoa and fireplaces and how it sucks that your favorite fall fairs only come once a year because in bad weather, you either miss it entirely, or you go but you are miserable and wet and you regret going when your nose starts to run. Is the Bolton Fair worth that? Hmmmm.

I’m kind of in that space right now. It’s not actually raining at this moment, but everything is soaking wet with no hope of it drying off. I think it’s likely to start raining again at any minute, but I’m not a meteorologist, now, am I? They have not called to cancel Junior’s baseball game, so it puts a major cramp in any plans anyway. I liked the first week of fall ball because his game was at 9am. It didn’t occur to me when we signed him up that afternoon games would totally screw up my fall fair schedule.

P.S. Added my Twitter feed over there on the right. I wish I could figure out how to make it be any color other than that shade of blue. I may have to use something else to post it, like from Twitter directly. There’s a thought. I think it might be time to redesign the whole site anyway…

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Stop With Your Rain Dances, People!

Look, as of very early this morning, the forecast for the weekend did not look good. I have a problem with that, as there are at least three different things that I want to do this weekend, and not a single one of them involves standing in the rain. I have game 3 of fall ball, it’s the Bolton Fair weekend, and also the Ferncol Fair weekend. And you know how much I love me a tour of the cow barn! [Insert obligatory link to the Cow Baby story from 2002.]

But if it’s raining, not so much. Bolton won’t postpone, I know that. Not sure about Ferncol but I assume they don’t either. And they need all the people to come because it funds the extra activities (especially the annual holiday party) for the residents. Plus they have good clam chowdah.

So no rain, okay? I have a lot to do and only 2 days to do it.

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Two Non-Rainy Weekend Days in a Row

If I may be 19th century for a moment, I think I may have the vapors. (Because if I had 21st century vapors you might think I had tried to commit suicide by missing ammonia and bleach in the bathroom. But the correct sentence structure in that instance would be “I had the vapors” in the past tense because I would most likely be dead.

That’s why when I put the Drain-O in the tub yesterday I didn’t clean the tub afterwards. I was afraid I’d die and embarrassing death. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I think I have them because I woke up and it wasn’t raining. It wasn’t raining, people. That is all.

[Updated: I went to look up “the vapors” to link to it and found out it maybe doesn’t mean what I thought it did. I thought it was one of those things where you faint from shock. It appears it might be related to hysterical depression and flatulence. I don’t think two non-rainy days in a row gave me gas and made me depressed. Quite the opposite.]

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Where is My Macaroni Salad?

Okay, I didn’t lose macaroni salad, exactly, but I did create a whole post about macaroni salad, and when I went to view BDT, there was no mention of macaroni salad anywhere. Not even a whiff of it. So what, now I have to type it in again? That’s a lot of work just to dazzle you guys with nonsense. Let’s not even count the minutes spent pressing the spell check button and correcting all the errors.

I believe I started off by mentioning that Junior’s baseball team won their second game last night with a more reasonable 7-5 final score. Not that 28-4 wasn’t fun. Except it wasn’t, really. Last night’s game was really fun to watch because the teams were so evenly matched. Quite frankly, I was shocked that we won. Based on the first couple of innings, we didn’t, but we really pulled it together at the end.

So the macaroni part of the message was related to me bitching about the weather predicted for this weekend. I hate hot and humid (which should not be news to anyone here) and I said I would probably only leave the house to grill burgers and dogs. And then I asked you all to post your favorite/best/easiest macaroni (aka pasta) salad because I adore macaroni salad and I think it should be required any time you fire up the grill to have a giant bowl of pasta salad available.

I also requested recipes that were mayo based because I’m in search of the macaroni salad of my childhood, and while I “get” dumping a bottle of italian dressing on cooked macaroni, that’s not what I’m looking for. Even though that’s sort of how I’m kick starting the request:

1 pound cooked rotini
1 green pepper, diced
1-2 tablespoons of light mayo
1 bottle of Wishbone Russian dressing (MUST BE WISHBONE. It’s dark red in the bottle)

Mix up the rotini and pepper with the mayo to sort of coat the pasta. This will help the russian dressing stick. Stir in the bottle of Wishbone Russian Dressing. Cool in fridge. Re-stir before serving. This dish is even better after it sits. Even Mr. Dump likes this one.

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Minimal? Well That’s Good News

I was on the Accuweather website just now, looking to see if rain is expected to mar Junior’s 2nd playoff baseball game tonight. I happened to scroll down past the important (to me) information and spotted the following table. What struck me as amusing is that they just aren’t completely ruling out any of the things in the far right column. It’s the first day of summer. And you aren’t willing to say there is no chance of heavy snow? That there is minimal chance just because that way if the temperature drops fifty degrees you’ll be covered? Good to know.

weather odds chart showing minimal chance of heavy snow