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My Kid Razzle Dazzles ‘Em

My son starred as Billy Flynn in Chicago over the weekend. I took video of his three big numbers.

(Quality: taken with my iPhone from the back half of the theater, surprisingly not horrible, but not flawless.)

We Both Reached For The Gun (live, this number brought the house down)

Razzle Dazzle (This one is stuck in my head)

All I Care About Is Love

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I Am Not the Next American Idol

I’ve decided to not try out for American Idol. Mostly because I can’t really sing. I can sing but I can’t sing. So I would have to go on the show as one of those flashy people, you know, dressing up like a chicken or whatever. And that wouldn’t be good for anyone. You do NOT want to see me dressed up like a chicken, under any circumstances.

So no need to thank me. I know you’re grateful.

Oh and to make you even more thankful, I won’t be singing any Celine Dion. I never sing Celine Dion. I’m just sayin’.