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Helping Hats

I was on Twitter (I do that a lot. It’s why I haven’t been posting as much here, to be honest. I’m @bigdumptruck) and someone passed along this link:

This site is everything that I love and hate about America rolled into one shiny tinfoil ball!

I love it because it’s full of stark raving crazy, and that’s always fun. I hate it because the people who created it believe every word they wrote. It’s pretty embarrassing to share citizenship with people creating alien abduction hat instructions, when all is said and done. I’d rather the population be a bit more grounded in science. Or reality.

Please, if you do make a hat, send me a picture of you modeling it. I want to know what you look like so I won’t start any unnecessary conversations with you if we’re ever in the same geographic location.


2 thoughts on “Helping Hats

  1. The website is about making a thought screen helmet. It’s written for people who are abducted by aliens from space. It’s all real. Alien abductions are real. I would not put it up if it were not real. The case histories are real. The statements linking autism to alien abductions are real. The testimmonials are real.

  2. I think I’ll just risk having my thoughts controlled.

    Actually I could see the advantage – I wouldn’t have to think about what to cook for dinner.

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