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One Million Little Things

My hard drive is full. Well, it was full. One of my external hard drives was also full. (As are all my closets, drawers, and countertops. I am nothing if not consistent.)

So I decided this is the weekend I clean up my hard drive, make some badly-needed backups, etc. You know, the kind of thing I should be doing in my house, but it requires so much more work and possible dishpan hands. So I’m focusing on my computer storage issues. I think that’s fair, and if you don’t, you can only tell me/bitch me out if you first provide me with gifts of some sort. For the record, Girl Scout Cookies are currency in my world.

I set up a different external hard drive, and actually dusted off the Time Capsule server that we have and I hadn’t been using (probably because I hadn’t figured out the benefit yet) and looked at my Time Machine backups to make sure I was in a good spot to start removing things. I wasn’t; it had been a year since I’d run a Time Machine backup. Okay, so I’ll use the Time Capsule to store my backup (because the drive I had been using is full and full is bad and useless).  I set it up and tell it to run a backup. It parses my computer’s hard drive and tells me how many things it has to back up.

997,759 files

How is that even possible? There are almost a MILLION files on my hard drive that have to be backed up? Oh my Lord, no wonder it’s full. How can it even function? How can I find the files I don’t need to delete them?

In the mean time, the biggest problem is moving 109 gig of backup over my wifi network. It almost looks smokey in here, there is so much data floating over my head. I wonder if the people who do those ghost-hunting TV shows would get a reading off the air in my living room? “I’m getting the image of a child playing on your kitchen floor with Matchbox cars, and a Finn Brother’s song…”  “Yes! Yes! Those are being backed up off my hard drive!”

997,759 files. I laugh at your attempts to get me to lead an organized life!