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Weekend Accomplishments

I think I did okay for myself. I didn’t discover a cure for cuticles, but I did wash the kitchen floor and buy a new floor mop for the wood floors. I also made a really awesome chicken dish, signed up for a new stock photo website and uploaded 10 photos to see if I have what they’re looking for. I shopped for things online and didn’t buy all of them, because some of the things I don’t need yet.  I made a really awesome chicken dish for lunch – the kind of thing that a real cook might make. I didn’t even take a full-blown nap this weekend, even though I REALLY WANTED TO.

Oh, and I updated my website, which actually took many many hours of my weekend. Taa-daa. I was going to reward myself with a glass of wine but it’s too late and I’m tired and some joker made arrangements for tomorrow to be Monday. Last week for my group to work out of the Marlboro office before moving to the Smithfield RI office. I think it’s going to be REALLY weird in there this week, what with all the packing, etc.  I think I’m going to bring in lots of canned goods and make them move them all down to RI. Just because.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Accomplishments

  1. New site looks awesome!!

    Are you willing to share this oh-so-awesome chicken dish that you made, for those of us who are culinarily-challenged?

  2. Thanks Nicholle! I was thinking about you the other day, as I was importing all my old comments. How on earth are things at your house? I haven’t heard from you in forever! (I will post the link to the chicken dish – I got it off the web.)

  3. Things are good Jody – busy busy busy, I’m working full-time and am chasing a rambunctious 2 year old in my spare time. I do try to find time to peek in at your blog once in a while though, when I need a sanity break. =)

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