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Welcome to the New, Non-Blogger Big DumpTruck

I haven’t been able to pull up all the legacy content into this new WordPress blog, but I will eventually! You may see some small changes as we go along and I fix and tweak things. Do let me know if you run into any problems, or have feedback. Remember, I’m not as good at this as you think I am, so no recommendations for anything TOO flashy.

(All old posts through 2004 should be here, as should most of the comments posted since 2006. Just FYI.)

(Updated 2 hours later: I have added a couple of the original Open Letters to the 2001 posts. Some of them were actually from back then, so it seemed appropriate. A lot of the Open Letters are a little too dated to move over (Susan from Survivor, anyone?). Time to write some new ones.)


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