4 thoughts on “Words I Never Want Associated With Me

  1. I don’t want a new anus. Nor do I want my ass imbedded into a toilet seat. What kind of crack was that surgical team smoking to confuse a leg patient with a “need a new anus” patient…

  2. I don’t want a new one, but howz about a 2nd one? I’d also like an extra left pinkie.

  3. I wasn’t aware that you could actually get an anus transplant. Did they just ignore the big black X on her leg? This is very confusing. What happened to the person who was supposed to get a new anus? Does she now have a new leg? So many questions.

  4. My wife had her’s out as part of an ileostomy. Meds ate through her colon so it all had to go. Almost died from it. Now I joke that I can’t call her an @ssh@ole anymore but she doesn’t laugh? I know some days I am just a mean person..

    Just joking guys….


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