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Hey, Easter Bunny

We could skip the candy if you would just bring me a warm, sunny day. I realize that Easter is way early this year, so normally we’re dealing with April temps instead of March ones, but still, I have certain expectations about Easter that just aren’t going to be met.

Historically (and I mean back when I was a kid through recent years with my kid) after Easter dinner we would get in the car and drive over to the Leominster State Forest and look for salamanders and fish. I know, seems silly, but you must know, Easter Bunny, that you were the one who would bring us the butterfly nets that we used to catch the salamanders. You do remember that, don’t you?

We took all the kids (and when I say that I’m referring to my son, niece and nephew) to the park a couple of times to either throw a frisbee, a baseball, or fly a kite. All things I do not want to do tomorrow because it’s going to be too cold. So I’ll ask again; instead of sugary stuff, can you give me a 55 degree day with puffy clouds and no wind? That would rock. (Of course, I wouldn’t turn down the warm day AND some of those chocolate covered marshmallow rabbits that I love…)


One thought on “Hey, Easter Bunny

  1. I remember. Seeing the flowers up etc for Easter. In fact yesterday morn b4 the wind I picked up leaves to see if any flowers were coming up. Most I found squirrel holes and shouldn’t be ant grubs yet. Feels like fall to me. Well hope this works since I am running on a nautilus and typing on my the same time. This is a good time to catch up things. Now lost 110 lbs feel human again instead of a walus. Happy Easter Jerry

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