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On the Go

I have been downloading a ton and a half of video podcasts now that I have a new iPod nano that shows video. I highly recommend the following free, free, all free, podcasts, available for your viewing enjoyment even as we speak:

  • Discovery Channel Video Podcast
  • Nation Geographic’s Atmosphere
  • Onion News Network (Video)
  • VH1 Best Week Ever
  • Vintage ToonCast

Of these, the Onion News Network wins a prize for blowing me away at the amount of effort put into simulating a CNN-like news network. The “set” and graphics and music and live interviews…holy cow, my hat is off to the guys at the Onion.

VH1 Best Week Ever is cool because it’s almost sort of like “The Soup” Lite. I would love for The Soup to be available as a free podcast. I’m not going to pay for it because I download it to my Tivo, but I don’t always have time to watch it. It is one of my favorite shows, though.

The Discovery Channel Video Podcast gives you behind the scenes and background on bits from some of your favorite Discovery Channel shows. I’m in it for my Mythbusters addiction.

National Geographic’s Atmosphere is just gorgeous footage that basically works as an almost screen saver. If you love stunning footage of nature, this is the podcast to end all podcasts.

Vintage Tooncast – public domain cartoons, and lots of videos flagged as explicit because the content is inappropriate for today’s kidlings. You can imagine some of the images from back in the day all on your own, I’m sure. But if you are like me, the slice of American life seen in some of the old propaganda cartoons is endlessly fascinating. (Side note: A friend of mine just mentioned that a new DVD is coming out with old Sesame Street bits and it’s flagged as being inappropriate for today’s toddlers. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on that.)

I have some footage for a new DumpCast just waiting to be processed this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well. It’s not quite as good as the ones mentioned above, but they aren’t attempting to be mundane, now, are they? No, I don’t think so.


3 thoughts on “On the Go

  1. Like your list… Things are getting WAY too PC these days. I remember playing with Mercury I cut out of light switches and my dad boiling lead to seal up the pipes in the house. None of that bothered me..I think..haha Jerry

  2. I hope the Sesame Street DVD has Roosevelt Franklin on it. I loved those scenes, but apparently the fact that he stood up in class and yelled and sang was a bad example for kids today. I will look for that video!!

  3. I can understand not exposing kids to stuff when they are too young for you to explain WHY what was appropriate in 1930 is inappropriate today. It’s still really interesting.

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