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What Happens Under the Table Stays Under the Table

Had an interesting few moments at UNO last night for Junior’s birthday dinner. We were sitting in the bar area because Junior and I like to play the trivia game and Mr. Dump wanted to watch the San Diego football game.

For some reason, Step-Junior noticed something under the table that Mr. Dump confirmed was [ewwwww] thong underwear.

There was a thong on the floor under our table.

SO many thoughts on this, I almost had a complete mental shutdown. But in summary, I will stay on the innocent side: how spicy do the buffalo wings have to be that you find yourself removing your underwear to cool off?

And no, we didn’t tell anyone. I wanted the staff to assume they were mine.


6 thoughts on “What Happens Under the Table Stays Under the Table

  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww is right. I lol’ed about you hoping the staff thought it was yours! You are so funny!

  2. Call me Houdini. It was hard work, getting them off while wearing jeans, but hey, I was doing really well at Trivia [at least until the quetion about Cagney and Lacey] and I wanted to celebrate.

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