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Ears to You, Snowstorm

I am home today because I have an earache and oh, because it’s snowing like crazy outside. This is the 15th or 16th straight Monday that we’ve had a storm of some kind.

Okay, maybe not the 15th or 16th, and certainly not straight, but every storm so far this year, and I count ice storms, too, has happened on a Monday. I know this because we have the “do you think the rubbish guys are going to come today” conversation practically every Sunday night. The one time they did come, I showed you photos of them shooshing all over the street. So far, no trucks today, but I almost didn’t expect them.

The other treat is trying to figure out where to place the barrels so that the plows don’t knock garbage all over the yard. So you need to put them fairly far down (in case the rubbish truck does show up) but not so far that the snow thrown up by the plow doesn’t knock it over. It’s a delicate balance.

Personally, I’m ready for the next storm to be on a day other than Monday. Let some other part of Leominster deal with wondering if they should put out the rubbish.


One thought on “Ears to You, Snowstorm

  1. Speaking of barrels, downtown there is a sign that collection is delayed a day due to the snow. I come home yesterday and they collected on the normal day… argh… what gives ? I put my barrels out again today, the day they said they would collect, see what happens. Half the time it seems like a crap shoot. Some days are holidays to the kids being out of school but not to the collection folks.. CU Jerry

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