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Merry Christmas to All

I am full of roast beast (thanks to Mr. Dump and JP for picking out a lovely cut of beast, and Mr. Dump for seasoning it and putting it in the oven). I could use a nap, because someone who shall remain nameless refused to sleep in this morning. *sigh*

I would write more, but I’m trying to move a bunch of images over to my new photo frame (I never thought I’d want one of those until I just started thinking about it. And because all the pictures I have at work are old and it’s just way too much effort to print some to take in to work to replace in my frames. Now I just replace the files in my frames! Brilliant!

Oh, so you are probably wondering what I did on the days leading up to today (which, by the way, is a let down compared to the wonderfulness of the days leading up to today). Well, Junior and I spent 2 days building the Lego Christmas train that I got on sale. It arrived on Saturday, and we built it most of the day Saturday and finished it yesterday. It’s a really fantastic train, but doing a thousand piece puzzle trying to find the pieces. We used every bowl/container we had to put the pieces in. You get a dozen bags of Legos, but the bags aren’t broken down by train car. So you put everything in bowls so you can paw through it. But I think the final product is worth the effort.

Lego Train Parts

The Finished Lego Train


7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All

  1. Verry cool train! I agree, it was worth the effort, especially when it’s not my effort.-Karen

  2. That’s actually quite pretty. I was never able to get the hang of Legos. The best thing I ever built was a wall.

  3. Thank you! It was actually fun, and now we want to get the stuff we need to actually run it on a track.

    Jim, I’m sure your wall was perfectly lovely!

  4. Merry (belated!) Christmas Jody!! That train is great!! Now the BIG question–are you going to take it apart or leave it together until next Christmas?? Happy New Year too!

  5. Christine – Good luck keeping 1-year-old Boo from eating Legos!

    Cindy – There is NO WAY I am taking that apart. Holy cow. No. If I do that, I’m sure the parts will be stolen and used to create something other than a Christmas Train, y’know?

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