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Peanut Butter Toast

I am the only person who eats peanut butter toast by dipping it in coffee. This strange breakfast treat comes courtesy of my dad, who is also the person responsible for my sister and I calling Kool-Aid “Bug Juice” our entire childhood. I believe we have the United States Navy to thank for both of those.

I think I’m going to have peanut butter toast for breakfast, because I’ve been thinking about it. Yesterday we set up the coffee maker we received as a Christmas present from Mr. Dump’s business partner. This thing is what every home should own – you put coffee beans in a thing at the top and it grinds them into the basket as part of the brewing process. There is a water filter built in to take out the yuckies. And it drips into a caraf so it will stay hot for hours without being on a burner. I think today’s peanut butter toast is going to ROCK!


2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Toast

  1. I thought my buddies and I invented the term “bug juice”. We use to go to YMCA for the day during the summer and they would pour out cups of Kool-Aid about an hour before we would get to that part of the camp. Nothing like picking out bugs as a kid and getting the creeps. Jerry

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