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Inside Jody’s Brain: Part 14

I have to work today. I have to work Monday as well, but that is not the point of this point. This is the point of this post.

There are songs that immediately put me in a different place and time. Like brings back smells sounds, everything. I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle and the song The Ballroom Blitz by Sweet comes on. Suddenly, I am at Mason’s Bowling alley on a Saturday morning (I was on a bowling team – the Pink Panthers. I have no idea why I can remember the name of my bowling team all these years later, but there you go). There are whole bunch of songs that were on the jukebox at Masons for years – I assume the owner just stopped buying new 45s at some point – because in junior high I was on another bowling team (after school league) and a bunch of those songs were still on there.

But Ballroom Blitz is the one song from that bunch (Telephone Line by ELO was another one) that when I hear it I’m back at Masons. (There are a couple of songs that bring me back to the Mason’s mini golf. I think I spent too much time there one summer, but my best friend lived around the corner and it wasn’t that bad a walk from my house, so it’s not all that surprising.

So anyway, Ballroom Blitz came on and I was just back in that bowling alley in a split second. Candlepin, for you out-of-towners. I think I need to go bowling now.


One thought on “Inside Jody’s Brain: Part 14

  1. Same here, I hear the songs on the radio that I used to hear driving 5+ hours back and forth to college during the gas crisis days (odd and even plate #s) and it takes me back to those tough rides through the wilds of upstate NY looking for gas about every hour, since you could only buy a $1 or 2 at a time.
    I attended a Harpoon dinner (the beer people). Made soup, risotto, and brownies using beer as part of the recipe. Was yum..(although not compatible with my weight program).
    New Years Eve I’m attending a Disco thing in town for the heck of it. Now to find some retro clothes.. remember how to dance.. etc.. Anyone interested drop me a
    note aa2t(at)arrl(dot)net (again I have no financial interest in this just letting people know where to have some fun in town). Jerry
    Happy New Year everyone !

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