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My New Backup Team – The Astros

We attended out 2nd Lowell Spinners game in as many weeks (actually, more like a week because they were both Sunday games) with great GREAT tickets right behind home plate. I mean, right behind home plate. I will post pictures later, but you brave souls not afraid to go look at my flickr account will see a couple of them now.

We ended up sitting next to 5 players from the opposing team, the Tri-City Valley Cats, a single A affiliate of the Houston Astros. They were all pitchers, and they were sitting in the stands next to us with clipboards and radar guns. They were SUPER NICE GUYS given that they were “the enemy” and I swear, if the one who talked to us the most will be my favorite ball player if he ever gets called up to the majors. Mr. Dump tells me that based on the fact that they were just drafted and are already in the single A Penn League team, they are fast tracking up. I will have to find out their names so I can set up Google Alerts to tell me if they are ever in the news.

My heart belongs to the Boston Red Sox, but it can’t hurt to have a favorite National League team, right?


3 thoughts on “My New Backup Team – The Astros

  1. do you know how much this warms my heart? i’m a red sox girl, but the ‘stros are my team as well! nice guys always rule – no matter what team they play on. ;^)

  2. Ack! To me, you can only have one. Either AL or NL, not both! I’m AL all the way…and I’m from Baltimore. How sad is that? Nobody even wants to manage my team! We got turned down when we offered someone a manger position. Who the hell gets turned down? No one, that’s who. Yet I refuse to be one of those people who have a team from each league. There should be no backup plan in baseball. I’ll stick to my losers, thank you very much.

  3. Bonanza Jellybean, welcome. And I truly do only have one true love, and that is the Red Sox. But I want to keep an eye on the Astros in case the guys who spent a couple of hours talking to us end up playing in the majors. I mean, how cool would that be?

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