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No Hot Water

Hellish morning! First I don’t want to wake up but the stupid birds (I hate them with a white hot fire that consumes my soul) are back. I guess I need to figure out how to borrow a shotgun again. Oh, and then? No hot water. And after all that, I go down stairs and […]


First Person Narrative

Junior has to write an essay over the weekend. His first big-boy homework! The subject is “My First ____”. They had to brainstorm ideas for a topic, then they had to fill in a sheet that basically was a way of drafting the essay. He was actually pretty far along with it already, so I […]


Our Lady of Chlorine

Our Lady of Chlorine, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck. I had to stop by and see my friend Peg today, and we made arrangements to meet up at Hampton Beach. I of course took at least a couple of photos. This is one that I like just because I’m sort of stunned by how close […]


Deal or No Deal

Among the other things Santa showered on Junior was a small handheld Deal or No Deal game. There is something wrong with the game though, and I couldn’t get it to turn on yesterday. Mr. Dump was able to somehow get it running, and played a single game, winning $750,000 bucks. (I resisted the urge […]