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Selling Candy the Jody Way

Junior [okay, really, me] is responsible for selling a box of candy bars for Little League. So I brought the box into work, because really, how many candy bars have I bought over the years?

Every day I put a new sign on the box, showing off my mad sales skillz. For two days I touted them has “health bars” [mental health, silly!] and Jon Lester’s Secret Weapon. Today, I posted the following sign. I’ll let you know which was the most effective.

gnome infestation


3 thoughts on “Selling Candy the Jody Way

  1. If you worked in MY office, I’d have bought a bunch. Creativity will get me, every time. Very clever!

    (You might try a Celtic-themed sign tomorrow, if… excuse me, WHEN they win tonight.)

  2. No I didn’t. Maybe that was the problem? Of course, I didn’t for the first game either… Hmmm.

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