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Sunrise Through Fog

I like my commute to New Hampshire (when I work out of that office). There is nothing more typically new England than that commute. This week, I had a couple of great days, with bright sunshine, and peak foliage. That’s when I really appreciate where I live. There was fog one of the two days, and I got this photo from the Stillman Dairy Farm parking lot in Lunenburg MA. (I’d have gone in to buy something, you know, because I was walking around the edge of their parking lot, but I didn’t want to drive a quart of milk up to work.)

Sun Through Fog - Lunenburg MA

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My Loss is Your Gain

I entered a writing contest a month or so ago, to get a regular column on a fairly popular and trendy website. I liked the idea I had for the column, but I don’t think it was edgy enough. Or the sample column good enough to be brought forth on the national stage. Plus there were 1000 other people trying for the same 4 spots, and well, I may be pretty good, but out of a thousand people I would expect there to be four if not better, equal to me.

So I’ve decided to start writing up some of them and posting them here, possibly giving them a new heading up in the menu at the top. If you’re good.

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Ready for a Nap, Sir!

Went into Cambridge to meet some Twitter people for the first time (every single one of them as lovely and wonderful as I’d hoped) and didn’t get home until 2am. And because I chose to drink diet cokes after the P.F. Tompkins show because it was late and I was going to be driving, I couldn’t fall asleep until three.

I am still trying to readjust to daylight. Went to my nephew’s football game to try out the lens I rented: the Canon 70-200mmf/4L (not the IS version). Got some good photos. Right now this one is my favorite, because it really does illustrate the mopping up of the field the opposing team did to us. Number 24 is my nephew. I’m hoping he can still give my sister grandchildren some day.

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