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Weekend Accomplishments

I think I did okay for myself. I didn’t discover a cure for cuticles, but I did wash the kitchen floor and buy a new floor mop for the wood floors. I also made a really awesome chicken dish, signed up for a new stock photo website and uploaded 10 photos to see if I have what they’re looking for. I shopped for things online and didn’t buy all of them, because some of the things I don’t need yet.  I made a really awesome chicken dish for lunch – the kind of thing that a real cook might make. I didn’t even take a full-blown nap this weekend, even though I REALLY WANTED TO.

Oh, and I updated my website, which actually took many many hours of my weekend. Taa-daa. I was going to reward myself with a glass of wine but it’s too late and I’m tired and some joker made arrangements for tomorrow to be Monday. Last week for my group to work out of the Marlboro office before moving to the Smithfield RI office. I think it’s going to be REALLY weird in there this week, what with all the packing, etc.  I think I’m going to bring in lots of canned goods and make them move them all down to RI. Just because.

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Welcome to the New, Non-Blogger Big DumpTruck

I haven’t been able to pull up all the legacy content into this new WordPress blog, but I will eventually! You may see some small changes as we go along and I fix and tweak things. Do let me know if you run into any problems, or have feedback. Remember, I’m not as good at this as you think I am, so no recommendations for anything TOO flashy.

(All old posts through 2004 should be here, as should most of the comments posted since 2006. Just FYI.)

(Updated 2 hours later: I have added a couple of the original Open Letters to the 2001 posts. Some of them were actually from back then, so it seemed appropriate. A lot of the Open Letters are a little too dated to move over (Susan from Survivor, anyone?). Time to write some new ones.)

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You Can Keep Your 250k, Thanks

Apparently, the people from The Biggest Loser are doing a casting call in Boston in early March (details are here: I saw this, and my first and only thought was No Freaking Way.

Yes, I have a lot of weight to lose before I’m happy. Yes, it would be awesome to have $250k. No, it would SUCK BEYOND WORDS to subject myself to having the world look at my fat ass on television. Never mind the whole world; I’m sure there are people in Kansas who I would never meet in real life so it wouldn’t be an issue. But I cannot even fathom putting myself out there to be watched by my coworkers. How could I ever face them again?

“Hey, Jody, great episode of you collapsing in a heap yelling “Ow! Ow! I have a stitch in my side! OW!” 20 seconds after you starting running in last night’s episode.”

Um, ya, and hey, how did you guys like the way every cell in my body jiggled for the camera!?

No no no. I’m losing weight right now, at a reasonable 1-2 pounds a week (down around 13.5 right now) and the only person who is watching is ME, and that’s hard enough. I’m old enough that I may never wear a 2-piece bathing suit again, even if I got down to an unlikely 130 pounds. Putting on something similar to be paraded around on television? Um, I’d need the $250k up-front, thanks.

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Where I’ve Been, Where I Will Be

The software I’ve been using to create site content for the past 9 or so years is pulling the rug out under people like me, who use the tool to post to our own servers. That means at some point next month I won’t be able to publish any new content.

The whole thing makes me very sad. And annoyed.

So I’m trying to figure out my next step, and start building a NEW site in WordPress (most likely). In the meantime, I’m probably not going to be updating much because that’s what I’ll be working on. Really, if you want to see lots of new content in little chunks from me, you should follow me on Twitter. I post all day, every day (mostly) and that’s the best way to keep up with me while I figure out The BigDumpTruck of the future.