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Merry Christmas to All

I am full of roast beast (thanks to Mr. Dump and JP for picking out a lovely cut of beast, and Mr. Dump for seasoning it and putting it in the oven). I could use a nap, because someone who shall remain nameless refused to sleep in this morning. *sigh*

I would write more, but I’m trying to move a bunch of images over to my new photo frame (I never thought I’d want one of those until I just started thinking about it. And because all the pictures I have at work are old and it’s just way too much effort to print some to take in to work to replace in my frames. Now I just replace the files in my frames! Brilliant!

Oh, so you are probably wondering what I did on the days leading up to today (which, by the way, is a let down compared to the wonderfulness of the days leading up to today). Well, Junior and I spent 2 days building the Lego Christmas train that I got on sale. It arrived on Saturday, and we built it most of the day Saturday and finished it yesterday. It’s a really fantastic train, but doing a thousand piece puzzle trying to find the pieces. We used every bowl/container we had to put the pieces in. You get a dozen bags of Legos, but the bags aren’t broken down by train car. So you put everything in bowls so you can paw through it. But I think the final product is worth the effort.

Lego Train Parts

The Finished Lego Train

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Peanut Butter Toast

I am the only person who eats peanut butter toast by dipping it in coffee. This strange breakfast treat comes courtesy of my dad, who is also the person responsible for my sister and I calling Kool-Aid “Bug Juice” our entire childhood. I believe we have the United States Navy to thank for both of those.

I think I’m going to have peanut butter toast for breakfast, because I’ve been thinking about it. Yesterday we set up the coffee maker we received as a Christmas present from Mr. Dump’s business partner. This thing is what every home should own – you put coffee beans in a thing at the top and it grinds them into the basket as part of the brewing process. There is a water filter built in to take out the yuckies. And it drips into a caraf so it will stay hot for hours without being on a burner. I think today’s peanut butter toast is going to ROCK!

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Things I’m Probably Not Going to Get From Santa

I think there are a few things that I am not going to get from Santa that I see people getting all time time in television commercials. I like television commercials because they really do tell me how much my life stinks, and how very much improved my life could be if I would just get off the couch, roll over to the mall and spend my hard earned cash. It’s so easy, even a child can do it. (For the record, Junior is not allowed to watch infomercials because he gets sucked in and he wants everything they sell. Right now the thing is that hydroponics herb garden. Because, you know, he needs fresh herbs.

  1. A Car. An expensive car specifically. With a giant red bow. You know, I’ve been around for quite a few years, and I can tell you that I’ve never seen a car with a giant bow on it in anyone’s driveway. And I notice things like that. Also, if Mr. Dump ever buys me a car without asking my input on make, model, color and options, he will be known from that point on as “Stumpy”.
  2. Gigantic Diamonds. Okay, this would be a very cool gift, I’ll admit. But really, I do not want our checking account drained so that I can get a rock that would look more appropriate on Wilma Flintstone. Or whoever is currently married to Donald Trump.
  3. A BBQ for tailgating. I don’t tailgate. Maybe I would if I had a portable grill that can make a 14 course dinner before the game. But I don’t have one so I will be grilled-meatless this Christmas.
  4. A hydroponics tabletop growing kit. Even if the thought of endless cherry tomatoes is appealing, I’d be all over this if I thought I could get even one good beefsteak tomato mid-winter. I don’t cook with a lot of mint, though, so I don’t know if it’s worth the investment.
  5. Vinyl siding and replacement windows. Gosh, what a thoughtful gift! Could those replacement windows come in, say, a mansion of some kind instead of my little Cape? That would be great!

That’s all I have for now. If I think of more, I’ll add them today, because you know what? You are totally worth it.

And if you’re looking for something uplifting to read (and like me, it’s okay if you tear up at work) I suggest reading The Gift over at Suldog’s blog.

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How Could This Be True?

Why am I not finished with my Christmas shopping? I do not understand – I am usually better than this. I have people I need to buy things for that I will not see after Friday, so I have to get my royal butt in gear right away.

I’m happy to hear we might see more snowflakes tonight. That’s great news. My street is still completely covered with hard-packed snow so this will really help out in that department. Ye Olde Minivan has zero traction as it is, so I think this may put me in some sort of physics black hole with negative traction. If I was better at science I could explain to you how negative traction works, but I am not very good at science, or math for that matter. I can’t wait until Junior gets to the point where I am no longer of service to him for math homework. I think I have another year before I hit that point.