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Snow Fort

Snow Fort, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Please note that the end of the driveway was not shoveled. However, tunnels on the front yard were very carefully made, because the boys have their priorities.

Okay, so if this is the kind of weather we get before winter even officially starts, what should we expect after the 21st?

Mr. Dump is out snowblowing right now, and we have chicken in the crock pot ready to be served as soon as he comes back in, and a fire in the fireplace. Did I mention how much a crock pot rules? It rules. RULES. He just won’t let me cook with onions anymore because the smell stays in the house for a day or so after and he can’t stand it. I totally see where he’s coming from. I am hyper-sensitive to smells myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to make stuff with onions, however.

Junior thinks he won’t have school tomorrow because there is so much snow. I heard we’ll get 50mph winds overnight and into the morning. Did I mention that I forgot to take the flagpole down back before it started being Antarctica around here? Ya, I’m going to pay for that, I’m pretty sure. No way, no how I’m going to be able to do anything about it now. Maybe if we get a freak warm streak I can at least lower it.

Off to throw another log on the fire and start the rice for dinner. Man, I could really get used to hanging out having days like this for a week at a time.


5 thoughts on “Snow Fort

  1. Cool fort. I spent the day napping, wrapping, cleaning and baking. Baby’s room is in the home stretch, which makes me happy. Making chili in the crock pot tomorrow.

  2. Very cool fort. Love the crock also, here a quick chicken recipe.
    Boneless chicken breasts
    cheddar cheese soup
    old el paso green chile tamale (sp)sauce(in the can)
    enough of both to cover the chicken.
    cook all day. My kids call it banging chicken
    Banging being the ultimate compliment from teens.

  3. Sick of snow and cold already. Was -1 at coffee shop @6am. Now at the end of my driveway I have to figure out where to put the trash bins. Crock pot food is good and I love onions. Chicken I find sometimes is a bit dry but a pot roast comes out good for us. CU Jerry

  4. Jerry, you must be making your chicken wrong, because this stuff is SERIOUSLY moist.
    TOM, how spicy is it? Mr. Dump can’t have spicy food because of his Barrett’s, but I’ll probably have to try making that for the tall boy.

  5. There is NOTHING so cool (no pun intended) as a snow fort with tunnels. If this snow was able to bring that joy to bunches of kids, it was worth the hassle.

    Nah, not really. It still sucked. But, snow forts ARE really neat.

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