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How Could This Be True?

Why am I not finished with my Christmas shopping? I do not understand – I am usually better than this. I have people I need to buy things for that I will not see after Friday, so I have to get my royal butt in gear right away.

I’m happy to hear we might see more snowflakes tonight. That’s great news. My street is still completely covered with hard-packed snow so this will really help out in that department. Ye Olde Minivan has zero traction as it is, so I think this may put me in some sort of physics black hole with negative traction. If I was better at science I could explain to you how negative traction works, but I am not very good at science, or math for that matter. I can’t wait until Junior gets to the point where I am no longer of service to him for math homework. I think I have another year before I hit that point.


4 thoughts on “How Could This Be True?

  1. Well the selections at the mall are getting pretty thin, better get shopping quickly. I was there last nite for daughter needed a dress for a party this weekend.
    It’s snowing now, supposed to be a quick blast. I finally broke down and now always have one car that is awd or 4wd, just that my gas card bill is through the roof. The snowbanks are way too high to see around too.
    I was useless in Math when the kids hit around 6-7th grade. I know when to give up. My wife on the other hands tries to help and usually gets it wrong on the poor kid.

  2. You guys are scaring me! Actually, I did go out for a bit last night and Mr. Dump helped out yesterday afternoon, so I’m feeling much better. I may not even have to leave the house at all on Monday!

  3. I worked at home again yesterday. Not taking any chances with the Boo. Hubby is tired of snowblowing, and I’m tired of not being able to help him. I will say the plows have been out pretty well.

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