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DumpCast Now Officially Available on iTunes

Do a search for “DumpCast” and you’ll find me over on iTunes. Or, you know, click this link.
I know, any fool can get a podcast added to iTunes, but let’s pretend for a minute that it takes more effort than that.

I need to figure out another camera to use because the sound on the little digital camera stinks royally. I thought maybe I had my hand on the microphone after the first one, but I don’t think that’s the case.

If you want to buy me a digital camera, I’d like an HD camera that records to hard drive. Not asking for too much, am I? Okay, so you all need to subscribe over on iTunes so I will become fabulously rich and famous! Oh, wait, this is all free. Well, nevermind. At least this is fulfilling my dream of being a world re-knowned documentary filmmaker. Cause you know, that’s what these are, right? At least some of the time.

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Okay, maybe this will go faster once I get used to the software. Or if I hire someone to do it for me. That person will also figure out how to make the files smaller. Sorry.

Here is the first podcast, stored on my site because all the tools I use made it easy to do that. If you click on the “subscribe” button it will add the podcast to your iTunes list and any time I do a new one it will get picked up automatically. That’s what we all want, right?


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2008 Goals

I got an email yesterday from Chris Baty, the guy who created NaNoWriMo about this thing he does every year where you are supposed to commit to doing something you’ve never done/have always wanted to do but were too nervous, busy, whatever, to do it. You’re supposed to list one or more of these things and then spend the next year trying to accomplish one or more of them. Some people change careers, some learn a new skill or language, some take up a hobby they’ve always wanted, or just take a class. Most of the things at this level take lots of thought and effort to accomplish, which is why it’s important to actually commit to doing it. I was thinking about what I would put on my formal list. I had a few vague ideas, but as usual, I’m too wishy washy to commit to anything that looks too hard to do.

I did start thinking about things I have wanted to do that I would actually consider fun, and I have decided that I’m going to try to figure out how to do some kind of podcast, possibly a video podcast. The theme would be “being me” so the podcast would involve bits of my beyond boring life. Hey everyone! Come watch me do laundry! and that kind of thing. Maybe. Or maybe just an audio podcast. Still thinking it through, and trying to figure out how people do them.

I also want to submit a photo (or more) to some kind of photography contest. And maybe even submit something to the Bolton Fair this year, which I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years. The key to that is that it has to be printed, matted and framed, so that will be the part that requires effort.

Still thinking about all of it. I’d say I’d leave my life behind and move to Hawaii to live on the beach, but I’ll save that for another year.

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Inside Jody’s Brain: Part 14

I have to work today. I have to work Monday as well, but that is not the point of this point. This is the point of this post.

There are songs that immediately put me in a different place and time. Like brings back smells sounds, everything. I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle and the song The Ballroom Blitz by Sweet comes on. Suddenly, I am at Mason’s Bowling alley on a Saturday morning (I was on a bowling team – the Pink Panthers. I have no idea why I can remember the name of my bowling team all these years later, but there you go). There are whole bunch of songs that were on the jukebox at Masons for years – I assume the owner just stopped buying new 45s at some point – because in junior high I was on another bowling team (after school league) and a bunch of those songs were still on there.

But Ballroom Blitz is the one song from that bunch (Telephone Line by ELO was another one) that when I hear it I’m back at Masons. (There are a couple of songs that bring me back to the Mason’s mini golf. I think I spent too much time there one summer, but my best friend lived around the corner and it wasn’t that bad a walk from my house, so it’s not all that surprising.

So anyway, Ballroom Blitz came on and I was just back in that bowling alley in a split second. Candlepin, for you out-of-towners. I think I need to go bowling now.

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Merry Christmas to All

I am full of roast beast (thanks to Mr. Dump and JP for picking out a lovely cut of beast, and Mr. Dump for seasoning it and putting it in the oven). I could use a nap, because someone who shall remain nameless refused to sleep in this morning. *sigh*

I would write more, but I’m trying to move a bunch of images over to my new photo frame (I never thought I’d want one of those until I just started thinking about it. And because all the pictures I have at work are old and it’s just way too much effort to print some to take in to work to replace in my frames. Now I just replace the files in my frames! Brilliant!

Oh, so you are probably wondering what I did on the days leading up to today (which, by the way, is a let down compared to the wonderfulness of the days leading up to today). Well, Junior and I spent 2 days building the Lego Christmas train that I got on sale. It arrived on Saturday, and we built it most of the day Saturday and finished it yesterday. It’s a really fantastic train, but doing a thousand piece puzzle trying to find the pieces. We used every bowl/container we had to put the pieces in. You get a dozen bags of Legos, but the bags aren’t broken down by train car. So you put everything in bowls so you can paw through it. But I think the final product is worth the effort.

Lego Train Parts

The Finished Lego Train