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Okay, maybe this will go faster once I get used to the software. Or if I hire someone to do it for me. That person will also figure out how to make the files smaller. Sorry.

Here is the first podcast, stored on my site because all the tools I use made it easy to do that. If you click on the “subscribe” button it will add the podcast to your iTunes list and any time I do a new one it will get picked up automatically. That’s what we all want, right?



4 thoughts on “THE PODCAST!

  1. The routine sounds familiar. When at the mall, I will only do subway. Working from home is tough, just the fact that people are shuffling around me distracts me although sometimes folks forget I am trying to work and butt in. In minivans, we used to loose food in the floor holes where the seats latch in. Was a good spot where a few fries would land and it’s down too far for the vacuum to get it. Only when the seats were removed could we get the fossilized fries out. I’m a believe in those car perfumes. I get the berry ones that are like sticks with clips and they go into the dash air vents. Keep things smelling good.
    Very nice job on the podcast. Just to let you know with linux and mplayer it does not work. QT w/Windows is fine of course.

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