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Only an iPhone: Results

You know, it was okay just taking the iPhone to Disney. I was pretty happy to only have to carry the phone. Of course, iPhone batteries are not your friend when you’re away from a plug for 12-14 hours a day, so only having the iPhone for your camera and ALSO your phone AND your computer, means by dinner time you are in a panic over how long you can make 20% battery last.

Also, no zoom, no real image stabilization, no RAW data. But hey, rhinos!

Rhinos at rest

I loves me some elephant. (Another iPhone photo from the safari. I will add, this photo and the one of the rhinos were taken when the vehicle had stopped specifically to let us take photos. The animals were all out in force on Saturday.)

2013-01-26 13.46.19


4 thoughts on “Only an iPhone: Results

  1. Love the elephant. It’s hard to imagine somewhere hot at this time of year. Did you have weather lag when you got home?

    A lot of cafés, restaurants and such provide plugs for recharging phones here.

  2. nice elephant! my one complaint about the iphone is that the zoom is just horrific, just really terribly awfully horrible. (and about the battery thing, I had to get one of those external battery backups. they’re not terribly expensive and they definitely help in a pinch)

  3. Anji, normally that would be the case, but if you are on Disney property, there just aren’t a lot of outlets available. You don’t stumble up them the way you would in a Starbucks, because there isn’t a starbucks, you know?
    Jamie, my son got one of those for his 4S from his dad. Now I need to get one for my 5. It REALLY came in handy. (His 4s is a hand-me down, so the battery is already a little weaker than normal.) I do want to try one of those external zooms, but obviously, I just need to reset expectations. I could take $1700 worth of camera equipment with me for one shot, or just use the phone in my pocket and not get everything.

  4. Hope that you aren’t too snowed under – we’ve been seeing very dramatic footage on TV from your side of the Atlantic.

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