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The Carousel of Bad Poetry

I wrote some poems. I don’t think they’re very good. I put them in draft mode here and they’ve been sitting for a year, waiting to see the light of day. I showed them to the guy I was dating at the time, and he liked them but I think he said that because that’s what a good boyfriend does. I have started dating again, probably too soon, but you have to take the opportunity when it presents itself. They know I’m not nearly over the ex, and so far, they’re okay with it. Yes. They. I have been on dates with two different people. This has never happened to me ever ever in the 47 years I have walked this earth. I have only been seriously involved with 4 people. I have only ever dated about 7 or 8, dating back to high school. So this is a big deal. I didn’t know I’d have to be an old lady to be popular. I would have been an old lady a lot longer ago!

But I don’t think I’m ready to test them with bad poems yet. I’m not in a relationship, I’m in a “lets get a sandwich and figure out if we have anything in common-ship.” And it’s not bad at all.


One thought on “The Carousel of Bad Poetry

  1. Save the poems for when you’re ready for the step. You know the one, the one where you show each other your poetry.

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