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Who Are You?

I get personally offended when a website I have previously told to remember me treats me like a perfect stranger. Look, I told you to remember me. I TOLD you.

“Here’s my name, next time I’m here, remember me.”

“No problemo! I am so happy you’re here, I’m going to remember you so that the next time you stop by, you won’t have to remember what name you used to log in.”

“Cool! So when I come back in a few weeks, you’ll be like ‘hey! it’s you!”


[two weeks later]

“Hey, it’s me!”

“And you are?”

“Me! Remember, I was just here! I gave you my name, told you to remember me, and you said you would!”

“I’ve never seen you before. Name Please.”




2 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. My personal pet peeve at the moment? When I go to update the apps on my iPhone and iTunes asks me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. if I am over 17, so it can download my age-restricted apps.

    Like Wikipedia.

    Yes, iTunes. I’m STILL over 17.

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