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Training to Be a Rock Star

I bought a ukulele last week because I was thinking it’s about time I become a rock star. I know that a lot of go for rock stardom when they are a bit younger, but I don’t think that will be a negative for me. I can handled just about anything my many many fans want to throw my way, including signing my names on their pecs.  They’re going to ask me to do that, right? I bought a Sharpie and everything. It’s blue, I hope that’s okay.

Next thing for me is to learn to play the ukulele. I’m going to really rock out on this thing once I figure out how to tune it. And play it. I should hire a manager to work on booking me at all the large colosseams  while I practice my chords. This is gonna be GREAT!


3 thoughts on “Training to Be a Rock Star

  1. My almost 15 yr old wants a Ukelele. He is taking guitar lessons but thinks ukeleles are cool. Is this some new trend I am unaware of? Is 2010 the year of the Ukelele?

  2. Yes, Beth, I think it might be! I have a friend who has gotten very good at it, and another friend who bought a hand made one in Hawaii. Then I was watching a Minnesota Public Radio live performance (WITS) and John Hodgman played “You Belong to Me” and I decided I had to have [a cheap] one.

    They ARE cool, and to me, much easier to learn because there are only 4 strings!

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