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Open Letter Time

Dear Bolton Post Office,
What the heck is the deal? I stopped by to buy stamps on my way to work this morning. You see, I work all day, so if I need stamps I have to buy them on off hours. I decided to stop at your location because, hey, Post Office! They sell stamps! I know my local post-office which is completely inconvenient to me (On-street parking? Are you serious?) has a stamp machine. That’s all I needed. I even had ones and quarters in my pocket. I was ready.
But you don’t have a stamp machine. You have a bunch of P.O. Boxes and a slot for mailing letters. And a window that isn’t open hours when I am driving by on my way to and from work.
You stink. So I still don’t have stamps and now a bill I have to mail is late. I hope you are happy.


Late Postscript: I wandered around the office trying to find a stamp and a wonderful awesome co-worker told me she had just bought stamps this morning at the Bolton Post Office. She waited until they were open. You know where their stamp machine is? Inside the locked area (near the window). What the hell is the point of that?


4 thoughts on “Open Letter Time

  1. FYI: I don't know if you know this already, but some supermarkets sell stamps at the checkout. My local Stop & Shop does. So, when I need some, I just ask the friendly lady at the register for a book of 20 and VOILA! Two shopping trips combined into one! No extra charge for them, either, if that's something you're wondering.

  2. ARGHHH. How frustrating! Our local PO has a machine where you can weigh boxes, envelopes, buy stamps, etc, 24 hours a day.

  3. I loathe the Leominster PO. Since I live close to the Sterling line, I usually just go there. Or pick up stamps at CVS or something.

  4. Sounds like a world wide problem. Our post office is going to close in the afternoon because there is ‘no demand’. They don’t count waiting in line for half an hour as an indication of demand. Here you can buy stamps in the Tabac.

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