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Oh, That Would Be My Luck

You know, this is why I don’t go skydiving. You can ask anyone, my sister, my husband…whenever we do something, I’m the one who gets the screwy equipment, or has the weird things happen. So if we all went skydiving, I would be the one with the dead instructor strapped to me.

I feel horrible for both people – especially the poor guy who died at 49(!) but really, that is just the kind of thing that keeps me from jumping out of a plane. Well, that and the fact that I would crap my pants if I had to jump out of a perfectly good plane.

In other airplane news, I finally got around to watching the National Geographic Channel special on Air Force One, and I now officially want to be President of the United States cause I really want to travel on that plane. It is sweeeeeeeeet! And the food looks pretty good too. Sure, there would be the pesky “leader of the free world” job responsibility crap, but it’s got beds! And a nice office for me! And they would give me a jacket with my name embroidered on it!


3 thoughts on “Oh, That Would Be My Luck

  1. Not trying to be funny, but I don’t see how ANYONE can jump out of an airplane and NOT have a heart attack. Sheesh.

  2. If you get a chance get out to Dayton Ohio (14 hrs from Leom) and see the Wright Patterson AFB. It has more than Smithsonian and after passing a security check, you will be taken to a hanger with ALL the Air Force Ones in storage. You can walk through them too, inc seeing Teddy hidden wheel chair elevator.

  3. Oh my God, Anonymous, you rock! Now I want to go to Dayton (and really, those are words I never ever thought I’d say!)

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