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I’m Going to Be Part of an Extravaganza!

I got an email reminder from my very very dear friend and personal mentor, C Monks this morning, reminding me that today’s the day to order his book. Because he saw fit to make me a member of his Hall of Fame, he is one of my favorite people on the planet. And thus, I pass along the ordering info for his book, which, by the way, sounds fantastic. Go order a copy and maybe he’ll put you in his HOF. If you send him a photo and ask nicely.

This is an impersonal, yet friendly reminder about the “Order My Book
Extravaganza!” As you might remember, today, October 29th, I’m trying to get as
many people as possible to order my new book, “The Ultimate Game Guide to Your
Life” from
. I would greatly appreciate your support. Simply follow
this link,
and you’ll be a few clicks away from participating in what is sure to be, if I
may be so bold, the most exciting book-buying extravaganza you’ve been a part of
in at least the last couple of months. Or so.

See, it’s just that easy! Go order one! Or five! Christmas is coming!