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God Wants Me to Sleep In

Saturday night we briefly lost power due to the high winds and other assorted lightening-y activity. It came back within 2 minutes or so, and everything was dandy. Except in the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom, and noted that the clock said it was somewhere in the 1:15am range. But when I looked at my watch in the bathroom (yes, I often wear my watch to bed. You never know when you might want to check the time without rolling over to look at the alarm clock) it said it was after 2am. Huh. That’s odd.
When we finally woke up Sunday morning, my watch said it was 8am. But the alarm clock said it was 4am.
I reset it and it eventually lost 5 hours over the course of Sunday. I was thinking it might be fun to play alarm clock roulette in the morning, but I decided to go to Target to replace it. Got one that will charge and play my iPod, which means I can wake up to music I actually like!
Still, I don’t get how a digital alarm clock, plugged into an outlet, can just lose time like that. It wasn’t running on batteries, it was plugged in. I’m sure there’s some really science-y explanation, but to me, if a cheapo digital alarm clock breaks, it’s something like the alarm stops working, or the display goes wonky. Losing time? I have a wall clock my friend Kim gave me as a shower present 15+ years ago and that one barely loses time when the battery goes low.
I hope God wasn’t trying to send me a message to sleep in this morning because the new alarm clock worked very very well.