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The Champions

Yes, yes indeed, gas hit a new high today. Thank you CNN. Did you not hear what I said yesterday? Am I just whistling into the wind over here? Sheesh, it’s like a girl can’t change the world just by writing about it and posting it to her website. I have 60-100 hits a day, are you telling me that one of those is NOT CNN? AP? The Leominster Champion? Sheesh.
Speaking of the Leominster Champion and champions in general, Junior’s minor league team, Piper Electric, won the playoffs (North Leominster Little League) on Saturday, so their team will get to go to the cities in August. He’s been playing baseball in that league for 5 or 6 years now (I keep losing count) and this is the first time his team has been this good. It was a really great group of kids who were a pleasure to watch. The team we beat, Valliere’s, was a worthy opponent and my personal choice for the team to win if we couldn’t.
I took a team photo after the game and gave copies to the three coaches. The sister of one of the coaches also took pictures that afternoon, and there’s a 50/50 chance that the one I gave them will make the paper. I don’t know which paper, but I’ll let you know if it does.
p.s. This is kind of a test for people who actually read all the way to the end of one of my posts. I recently signed on with FaceBook. I don’t really want to post my info out there for the universe to find, because I do like some level of privacy. If folks who also have a website “advertise” that they are on Facebook, how do you do it? Did you create a separate account for your website readers? Or did you find that people don’t necessarily friend you even when you make the info readily available?p.p.s. At least one person from my blogroll sent me a note saying that she’s in Facebook, but apparently she’s got a hidden profile because I cannot find her to add her.


4 thoughts on “The Champions

  1. I’m on twitter, myspace and facebook. The last two I’m on to check on my daughter, never updates. Twitter is just a few people I know. If u want will tell you my “name” there. Also, you can find out who “tweets” from around the area. Jerry

  2. I’m on all those too plus linkedin (where you’re my friend!). I don’t have a website but if you want to advertise you can create your own group on FB and then on BDT you can provide a link to your profile. Is that what you were thinking? Sharon

  3. I don’t post on Facebook, Jody, but I have just about all the info you’d need to track me down out on Blogger. I just plain don’t give a rat’s ass. I figure if somebody hates me enough to do me a harm, they’ll figure out some way to find me. So far, nobody has hated me that much 🙂

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